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Homocon Robert Oscar Lopez: Unhinged Homofacists Have Banished Me To Europe

"I was delighted to come and speak to the BBC in London, to German parliamentarians in Brussels, and to Italian jurists, but one of the reasons that I was so available to help European allies was practical: having been blacklisted and driven out of the public square by a cadre of unhinged homosexual fascists, I could make no appearances in the United States and had, up until last month, a wide open schedule. Between March 2013 and April 2014, I made four trips to Europe and delivered dozens of interviews, public addresses, and presentations, with everyone from I-Télé to church groups to European members of parliament.

"Meanwhile, I was largely invisible in the United States. Conservatives who wanted to defend marriage focused on buttoned up academic postulations, religious-freedom arguments like the ones championed with vetoed legislation in Arizona, and warnings about a slippery slope leading to polygamy. I had chosen an urgent and stark tone in my argumentation, naming same-sex parenting as child abuse, invoking past history when social experimentation led to atrocities, and rejecting sentimentality in favor of probing scrutiny. There was still a belief among many defenders of marriage that compassion, civility, and professionalism could overwhelm the gay lobby with kindness. The result was that troublemakers like me were banished to Europe." - Homocon horcrux Robert Oscar Lopez, bragging about his European hate tour for American Thinker.

RELATED:  Last week Lopez filed an anti-gay amicus brief in support of Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage. Last month Lopez declared that gay men are turning surrogate mothers into breeding slaves. Last year, in addition to appearing on stage at an anti-gay Manif Pour Tous rally in France that was supported by neo-Nazis, Lopez testified against LGBT equality before several state legislatures and he co-signed an anti-gay homocon brief to the Supreme Court in support of DOMA. You really must read the Media Matters take on Lopez' trilogy of gay erotica.

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