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Scamvangelist Benny Hinn: God Will Make You Wealthy If You Send Me $1000

Via the Christian Post:
Benny Hinn, Christian faith-healing evangelist, has asked supporters to step up to "higher seed-level giving" by donating $1,000 to his ministry, with the suggestion that they would enter a "new dimension of favor and increase" like he did after trying out financial teacher Todd Coontz's "thousand-dollar principle."  "I've believed in seed-faith giving for decades, and I've seen it work time after time, but where do you get this $1,000 teaching?" Hinn says he asked Coontz during a conference in Dallas. "He showed me from the Bible how Solomon offered a thousand animals to God. He told me there's something very special about the number 1,000 and the miracles he has seen when people cross that line in giving." After trying out Coontz's "$1,000 teaching," Hinn claims he received from God "quick" results that were "nothing short of miraculous, and totally life-changing!" "Because of what I heard, and responding to his challenge, I stepped into a new dimension of favor and increase," adds Hinn. "And that's the purpose of this email!"
Hinn is worth an estimated $42M, lives in a $10M oceanfront mansion, and travels to his crusades via his private jet.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG:  Benny Hinn's son is arrested for beating up a disabled man. Benny Hinn gets sued by the husband of the woman with whom Hinn allegedly had an adulterous affair. Benny Hinn is unable to heal his wife's desire to get the fuck away from him. Benny Hinn blames his wife's divorce filing on her addiction to prescription drugs.

VIDEO: Watch Benny Hinn slay thousands in the Holy Spirit. Most of the people on stage are paid accomplices, of course. Others have to pretend that they are really being "slain," lest their Jesus cred be damaged. Glory! Praise His Name! Send more money and buy your way into Heaven!

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