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Birther Birthplace Billboard Busted

World Net Daily was forced to admit that the infamous "Birthplace of Barack Obama" sign in Kenya is a photoshopped hoax when the man who took the original photo of the sign (which is actually in Oman) came forward. The best part is what the Arabic script on the faked sign really says.
Caleb Payne, a former Arabic linguist for the National Security Agency, saw the billboard allegedly from Kenya and tells WND: "I can assure you that the sign is a fake, not because of the picture, but because the Arabic text is completely incorrect. First, it is written left-to-right (Arabic is actually written from right to left) and second: the characters are not connected. Still funny, though! If you are curious, the Arabic reads as follows: Under Kenya is the Arabic for 'Hawaii.' The text at the bottom reads: 'Not Barack Obama's birthplace.'" The issue of whether Obama is legally qualified to serve in the White House continues to be one of high importance for many Americans.

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