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Dan Savage Launches Tumblr To Thank The Straight Allies Of Marriage Equality

Dan Savage has launched Straight Up Thanks, a Tumblr site where he invites you to post the photos and stories of our straight allies who were so very important in our unprecedented string of wins last week.

We are LGBT people who want to thank the straight people who helped us win marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington state, and who helped us defeat an anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota.

If you're a queer person whose straight friends worked hard to win marriage equality—worked phone banks, knocked on doors, spoke out, gave money—send us a photo and a couple of sentences about what your straight friends did. Click on SUBMIT, upload a photo, and thank your straight friends publicly!

If you're a straight person who worked for marriage equality… THANK YOU!
The caption for the above photo reads: "This is Jessica. For weeks, she phone banked, she knocked on doors and talked to people, she waved signs, and changed people’s minds about what marriage equality means to all of us. She’s wonderful, and we love her."

Submit your own photos of your straight heroes

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