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Tony Perkins Has The HGTV Sadz

"As sons of a preacher, the brothers have never shied away from their beliefs, which led them to back the North Carolina marriage amendment -- a stance the brothers seem to now be paying for, thanks to radical pro-homosexual activists like GLAAD, whose only answer to real diversity is harassment. Now, the same cultural elitists that tried to bully the likes of 'Duck Dynasty' are back to silencing anyone who expresses biblical values -- even if those values are expressed outside the workplace. That narrow-mindedness is sure to backfire here, since the Benhams' goal, like Catholic Charities', World Vision's, and others', was to help the less fortunate. Unfortunately, liberals don't care who would be helped by people like the Benhams. Forcing their sexual ideology is more important than the compassion they say they practice. Sadly, this isn't the first time the Left has been willing to punish hurting people in the name of political correctness." - KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, who six weeks ago called for punishing hurting people when he announced that he was ending his support for World Vision because they had agreed to hire married gays.

NOTE: GLAAD did not call for the cancellation of the Benhams' show. In fact, not one LGBT organization so much as issued a press release before HGTV announced that it was pulling the show.

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