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Cindy Jacobs: Pray For SC To Choose A Christian Who Will Impose Biblical Law

"We Declare and Decree that: South Carolina will be guided by Holy Spirit. South Carolina will hear the voice of the Lord as to the one He has chosen and vote with courage and wisdom. South Carolina will point the Nation toward the rising up of the Lord’s anointed for the Office of President. South Carolina will lift up the one who will make all choices based on God’s Word as revealed in Holy Scripture. South Carolina will be the state which releases a new 'David Anointing' on the one chosen to seek after God’s heart and kill the goliaths in SC and America. No more compromise of your revealed values and standards in your Word. South Carolina will chose one who will support and defend Israel." - Wackadoodle "healer" Cindy Jacobs.

RELATED: Jacobs also has a special prayer for South Carolina's polling places, which are apparently where Satan reigns.

Oh Lord Jesus, we pray and put your precious blood over this property, building and people. We seal it with your powerful, cleansing, redeeming blood. We put a waterfall of your blood flowing down over every door, window or spiritual entryway. We bath and cleans each person who enters with your precious blood. In Jesus Name we claim and cleans this property for the Lord’s Holy purpose. In Jesus Name, we take authority over all demonic forces of Satan and bind them into silence and inactivity. In Jesus Name, we refuse any communication between spirits unless directed by the Holy Spirit.

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