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"Ex-Gay" Crackpots Demand CDC Stop Promoting Pro-Gay Websites

The self-hating "ex-gay" nutcases at PFOX have sent a letter to the CDC demanding that the federal government cease promoting websites that don't endorse the brainwashing and brutal torture of LGBT people.
The website also contains links to anti-heterosexual publications and organizations, such as PFLAG, which openly denigrates former homosexuals, and the infamous anti-ex-gay publication Just the Facts, which advocates against Christian ex-gay ministries and lists only those religious organizations that affirm homosexual behavior. Why is the federal government spreading intolerance against the ex-gay community and Christians who support the religious testimony of former homosexuals? Your response did not address our complaint that the CDC is engaging in sexual orientation discrimination.

You further claim that “information on ex-gays and conversion therapy is not included,” but Just the Facts does exactly that – warn others against the use of therapy for diminishing unwanted same-sex attractions. Please read your website. The promotion of these negative anti-heterosexual comments spreads hate towards the ex-gay community. Is the federal government singling out a certain class of people to denigrate? We also take issue with your link to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which creates unsafe communities by promoting intolerance against the ex-gay community and actively targeting Christian organizations who disagree with their political beliefs.
PFLAG, an organization of straight allies, is "anti-heterosexual"? PFOX is beyond despicable.

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