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Pat Robertson: Gay Men Use Special Rings To Cut People And Give Them HIV

This is possibly the most outrageous thing Pat Robertson has ever said.
Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson told co-host Terry Meeuwsen that gay men in cities like San Francisco attempt to spread HIV/AIDS to others by cutting them with a special ring when shaking hands. However, one could not hear Robertson make the remarks on the episode his Christian Broadcasting Network posted online, as the company once again appears to have edited Robertson’s comments after they aired.
Really unfuckingbelievable.

RELATED:  Feel free to tweet CBN (@CBNproducers) and demand a public apology and a retraction of Pat Robertson's disgusting lie.  Also you can call: CBN Main Switchboard (757) 226-7000.

UPDATE:  I've just spoken with Chris Roslan, the head of the PR firm that handles the 700 Club. I told him that merely editing Robertson's disgusting lie out of their re-airings of today's show is not good enough. Roslan said he'd not yet seen today's show and will call me back. I'll let you know if that happens.

UPDATE II: CBN has posted the YouTube clip of its daily segment Bring It On-Line (where the above clip is from) and Robertson's lie is still there as of this writing. Start at the 1:00 mark.

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