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Pat Robertson Renews Old Leg Press Lies

Like Eugene Delgaudio, Pat Robertson is today dipping into the old well of his beyond ridiculous lies. Right Wing Watch catches you up on the back story.
Back in 2006, Robertson said he could leg press 2,000 lbs. The New York Times wrote at the time: “According to a related news release and photographs on the network's website, Mr. Robertson has leg-pressed 2,000 pounds, even though (as many online commentators have pointed out) he is 76 years old and the current world record is 1,335 pounds.” GNC eventually pulled its Robertson-branded protein smoothie, “Pat’s Diet Shake,” but not before the episode raised questions about, as the Virginian-Pilot put it, “the fuzzy line between his tax-exempt operations and his profit-making ventures.”
Pat's Diet Shake is still selling online at a price of $21.99.

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