Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Hits Keep Coming: Young Republicans Head Resigns In Gay Sex Scandal

Glenn Murphy, 33, the newly-elected chairman of the Young Republicans National Federation, who is well known for using the gay marriage issue to promote his candidates, has abruptly resigned amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a 22-year old man at the home of the man's sister. Murphy has already been scrubbed from the YRNF's website and their Wikipedia entry, which is now protected from edits. Jessica Colon is now listed as their chair. Murphy has also resigned as chair of Indiana's Clark County Republican Party.

Responding on the blog Taking Down Words, Murphy's lawyer contends that he has not been arrested or charged with any crime. According to the lawyer, Murphy says what happened was between "two consenting adults." Yet, the police report has already been leaked. Advance In Indiana reports:
In a shocking police report filed by the Clark Co. Sheriff's office, Murphy is accused of sexually assaulting another man on Saturday, July 28, 2007, while he lay sleeping in his bed. The alleged assault of the 22-year-old man took place in the Jeffersonville, Indiana home of his sister following a Young Republican party in which both Murphy and the 22-year-old man had been in attendance. The victim's sister had urged both men to spend the night at her home because of the amount of alcohol the two had consumed during the party. The victim awoke in the morning to find Murphy performing oral sex on him according to the report. When the victim asked Murphy what he was doing, he responded: "He was holding his dick with one hand and sucking my dick with his mouth." The victim then pushed Murphy away, gathered his personal belongings and left. Murphy was later confronted with the charges by the victim's sister according to the report. The sister says Murphy admitted to her that he performed the sex act on her brother. Taking Down Words reports Murphy is being charged with criminal deviate conduct, a Class B felony. The police report also notes that Murphy was accused of committing a very similar act on another man back in 1998. It is unclear why Murphy was not prosecuted for the 1998 incident.
In an email obtained by Truth Caucus, Murphy is claiming that his decision to resign from the Young Republicans is due to a "major contract" his company has landed which stipulates that he hold "no partisan positions". Yeah, right. Just last month, Murphy was sworn into his position as chair of the YRNF by none other than Florida Governor Charlie "Closet" Crist. Ahem.

In a story covering his swearing-in, Murphy said, "I've always been a big believer in the ability of young people to have a big impact on their communities. That’s what the Young Republicans are all about. It's a very different party than it was." Sorry Murph, you're wrong. The Republicans are STILL the party of self-loathing closet cases.

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White House Vows To Veto Any Bill Attached To Hate Crimes Legislation

White House spokesman Tony Fratto yesterday said that President Bush plans to veto any bill to which the Matthew Shepard Act (MSA) is attached. Fratto: "The qualifications [in the bill] are so broad that virtually any crime involving a homosexual individual has potential to have hate crimes elements. The proposals they're talking about are not sufficiently narrow."

Last month Sen. Ted Kennedy attached the MSA to a Department of Defense appropriations bill which also contained a provision calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. After a threatened Republican filibuster, the bill was withdrawn. Bush has never had a veto overridden.

The Christianist sites are already celebrating.

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Judy Garland: Still Dead

Liza Minnelli lives a couple of blocks from me and I see her on the street once or twice a year, usually out shopping. Once I saw her leaving a Chinese joint on 2nd Avenue. She seems to be able to walk around unmolested by fans, at least on the Upper East Side. Still, you have to laugh at the Daily News' report on what happened at our local Gap store.

A Gatecrasher pal reports this recent sighting of her at the E. 66th and Third Ave. store, where she was being helped by a sales assistant.

"The employee asked her, 'Has anyone ever told you you look like Judy Garland?'" says the snitch. "She coldly answered, 'No!'"

You'd leave it alone after that, right?

"The confused employee went on to say, 'Oh my God! You're her! You are Judy Garland!'"

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

"Ms. Minnelli looked up with fire in her eyes and snapped back, 'Judy Garland is dead!'"

She then grabbed the pants she had been trying on "and stated to no one in particular, 'I've gotta get out of here!' She made a mad dash to the registers and then out the door."
Poor Liza.

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Firemen To Sue For Gay Sexual Harassment

Four San Diego firemen are planning to sue the city, claiming they were forced into taking part in the gay pride parade where they suffered sexual taunts from the crowd. The firemen were asked to take part in the parade at the last minute, when volunteers dropped out due to a family crisis. They were chosen because their station is near the route.

The firemen have hired a law firm that specializes in Christian activism. Their petition for the right-to-sue claims the city failed to protect them from sexual harassment. San Diego has an openly lesbian fire chief.

I've been in the crowd many times at pride parades when passing fire and police contingents were the subject of hooting and sexual catcalls. It never occured to me that anybody was in the parade against their will. It seems like the San Diego firemen may have a case, although I'm also sure that they are being very opportunistic to sue over what were surely only passing friendly remarks. What babies.

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The Shame Of Hello Kitty

Police officers in Thailand will be forced to wear a hot pink Hello Kitty armband if they disobey the rules, thereby shaming their masculinity. A police official in Bangkok says, "Simple warnings no longer work. This new twist is expected to make them feel guilt and shame and prevent them from repeating the offense, no matter how minor. Hello Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It's not something macho police officers want covering their biceps."

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Morning View - F Train Station

The curved wall and lined ceiling of the F train station at 63rd & Lexington provide one of the neater visual effects of NYC subway. Some people use the F train to travel between Queens and Brooklyn, even though the line detours them all through Manhattan.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Shelter Kitteh Iz Watching U

Shelter Kitty sometimes keeps a wary eye open during her naps, just in case somebody gets overwhelmed and feels the need to scoop her up for kisses. Her current hobby is batting the wires until she pulls the cable box down on her head. It's now been over three months since I brought her home from the Harlem ASPCA and she's gained about two pounds in that time, thanks to chicken flavor IAMS, Whiskas Catmilk +Plus, and lots of begging for sliced roast beef.


FDA Approves New HIV Med

Pfizer announced today that the FDA has approved its new HIV drug Selzentry (maraviroc). The drug is the first of a new class of HIV drugs to be approved in ten years. Selzentry is intended for patients who have the HIV-1 strain of the virus and are already resistant to multiple HIV drugs.

Selzentry is the first in a class of drugs known as CCR5 antagonists, which block the CCR5 co-receptor, the virus' predominant entry route into T-cells. Selzentry stops the R5 virus on the outside surface of the cells before it enters, rather than fighting the virus inside as do all other classes of oral HIV medicines.

Selzentry will become available next month. Pfizer plans on marketing the drug as Celsentri in other parts of the world. "Cell sentry", get it? As I mentioned in February, Selzentry must be taken twice a day, unlike many current HIV meds.

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Bush Erodes 4th Amendment

Yesterday Dubya signed a law expanding the ability of the government to eavesdrop on our international phone conversations and emails without warrants. The law was enacted in order to protect the major telecommunication companies that are now facing numerous lawsuits for having secretly cooperated in previous warrantless wiretappings. These companies have been pressuring the Bush administration to enact legislation freeing them of their responsibility to protect the privacy of their customers - and they got it. Now they can be compelled to cooperate by the attorney general or the director of national intelligence. The 1978 Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) previously controlled how the government could listen to private conversations. Under FISA, the government needed warrants. But thanks to 2001's Patriot Act and now this, not any more.

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Caption This

This is Jingjing, one of the five official mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


Bob Allen: It's Because The Cop Was Black

Disgraced Florida right-wing legislator Bob "Tea-room" Allen, whom you may recall was caught in a park restroom last month, offering a cop $20 for sex, now says he only played along because he feared black men: "This was a pretty stocky black guy, and there was nothing but other black guys around in the park." According to the Orlando Sentinel, Allen was "intimidated" by the cop and was afraid he was "about to become a statistic."

Here's the cop's transcript of his conversation with Allen after the righteous righty peered over into his stall and then joined him inside:

Allen: Hi, this is kind of a public place, isn't it?
Cop: We could go somewhere else.
Allen: How about across the bridge, it's quieter over there.
Cop: Well look, man, I'm trying to make some money; you think you can hook me up with 20 bucks?
Allen: Sure, I can do that, but this place is too public.
Cop: I wanna know what I gotta do for 20 bucks before we leave.
Allen: I don't know what you're into.
Cop: Do you just want a blowjob?
Allen: I was thinking you would want one.
Cop: But you'll still give me the 20 bucks for that?
Allen: Yeah, I wouldn't argue with that.

What a brilliant tactic! If you think you're about to be mugged, offer your would be assailant some oral luvin! Peace will reign throughout the land!

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Morning View - 72nd & 2nd

Here's a shot taken two blocks from my place on Sunday afternoon. Ah, how empty Manhattan can get on summer weekends. The more touristy areas are still packed, but the nabes can be blissfully quiet.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Re-View Redux

Friday night, with Dr. Jeff, Chris, and Aaron, I attended the Erasure concert at Brooklyn's McCarren Pool. The concert was typically fantastic and I walked away as amazed as always at Erasure's enduring appeal. Many in the crowd could not have been out of diapers when Erasure first started rocking gay dance floors around the world.

The massive McCarren Pool is a neat venue, built by the WPA in 1936 to hold an astounding 6800 swimmers, now empty of water and perfect for concerts. After the show, I was beat and headed home. The other guys went on for drinks at Nowhere in Manhattan - where, of course, they ran into Andy Bell - which is usually how it goes for me. Dammit.

Rather than provide you a blow-by-blow of the show, below is Re-View, a story I wrote after last Erasure show in 2005. Friday night, just like two years ago, I found myself getting choked up. I wonder if that will ever change.

(originally posted April 24, 2005)

Nineteen years ago, my friend Barney called me to say he had a great record by a new band called Erasure. He put it on a cassette tape for me and we listened to it all the way to Fort Lauderdale. Then we spent the weekend lying by the hotel pool and dancing in our room to fantastic songs like Who Needs Love Like That? and our favorite song on the album, Oh, L'Amour. When the DJ at The Copa played Oh, L'Amour as the final song of the evening, Barney and I sang it out loud, very loudly, and I think we scared people.

Oh L'Amour
Broke my heart
Now I'm aching for you
Mon amour
What's a boy in love
Supposed to do?

Eighteen years ago, Barney and I saw Erasure in concert for the first time, as the opening act for Duran Duran. We found a small knot of other homos near the huge stage and went crazy with them for the songs I've already mentioned, and the new hits The Circus and our favorite song for that year, Sometimes.

Been thinking about you
I just couldn't wait to see
Fling my arms around you
As we fall in ecstasy

Seventeen years ago
, with a large group of friends, Barney and I attended the Hotlanta River Expo, a 3-day bachannal of gay dance parties centered around an exhuberant rafting trip down the muddy, icy Chattahoochee River. Erasure was continuing to dominate the gay scene, with their hit singles Ship Of Fools, A Little Respect, and their biggest hit to date, Chains Of Love.

On the closing night of the weekend, the DJ at Backstreet played A Little Respect, turning down the music at the right moments so that hundreds of gay men, Barney and I included, could sing the lyrics at top of our lungs, which remains one of the most moving experiences of my life.

I hear you calling
Oh baby please
Give a little respect to me
I'm so in love with you
I’ll be forever blue

Sixteen years ago, Barney and I returned to the Hotlanta event with our friends. We could not believe our luck when we learned that Erasure happened to be in town, touring to support their new album, Wild. We blew off the Miss Hotlanta drag pageant, the opening event of the weekend, and took our group to the show, which was held in a natural amphitheatre, built into the side of a hill.

The show was fantastic, with a huge elaborate set. When lead singer Andy Bell took the stage in a blue sequined miniskirt, he asked the crowd, "Whaddya think of the NEW Miss Hotlanta?" We roared with approval. The band performed all the songs I mentioned before, plus singles from the new album, Brother, Sister, Drama, and Blue Savannah. That night, after the show, we saw Andy Bell sitting at the end of bar in The Armory and made fawning fools of ourselves, despite of which, he was very sweet to us.

The next day, at a smolderingly hot t-dance at Velvet, when the DJ played Blue Savannah, Barney pulled me up onto the speakers, high above the dance floor, to dance with him. I had never done that before and I never have since. Again, the DJ turned the record down during the chorus of the song and Barney and I joined the happy hundreds of men below us in singing, with our arms outstretched to each other.

Somewhere 'cross the desert
Sometime in the early hour
To the orange side
Through the clouds and thunder
My home is where the heart is
Sweet to surrender to you only
I send my love to you

Fourteen years ago, Barney and I were eagerly awaiting the release of the new Erasure album, Chorus. The single of the same name, and the impossibly catchy I Love To Hate You had already been purchased as import singles and we took I Love To Hate You as a catch-phrase between us, when one was misbehaving. On my birthday, four days before the scheduled release of Chorus, Barney arriving at my house, giggling with anticipation, because he'd manage to convince a record store friend of his to sell him the album early.

Barney couldn't bear to wait for me to open the wrapping and tore the package open himself. We sat on the empty living room floor of my new house and listened in bliss. After one listening, we agreed that Breath Of Life might be our new favorite Erasure song.

Oh I want life
Life wants me
To breathe in its love

Take me I'm yours
Now I'm comin' up for air
I'm gonna live my time
For the rest of my life
Then I'll be comin' back for more

Thirteen years ago, Barney and I spent the summer grooving to Abba-Esque, Erasure's EP of ABBA covers. Barney and I hadn't been doing much together, ever since he got together with his boyfriend Jimmy, a couple of years earlier, but we always had our Erasure moments.

For Chrismas, I got Barney a very rare Japanese import version of Abba-Esque. I was so excited to see his face when he opened it, but Barney never saw it. He died very unexpectedly of AIDS-related pneumonia that weekend. When I arrived at his house to console his boyfriend, I saw my gift under their tree, still wrapped.

I've never been able to listen to that album again. Even the super-dopey ABBA lyrics have a resonance I would never have allowed.

When you're gone
How can I even try to go on
When you're gone
Though I try how can I carry on

Last night, I went to see Erasure at Irving Plaza, here in New York City, on the final night of their 9-show sold out stand. They are touring to support their new album Nightbird, which has already yielded a modest hit, Breathe. While I've continued to be an avid fan of Erasure, I was worried about seeing them in person. To me, their music is irrevocably entwined with my memories of Barney. Each song, a milepost of our lives and our loves and our adventures.

The band opened with No Doubt from the new album. Andy Bell looked great, despite his near decade-long struggle with HIV. The band did all the songs I've mentioned in this story, plus some great new stuff like I Bet You're Mad At Me and Don't Say You Love Me. The set was fun, the background singers were all smiles and gorgeous harmony. And Vince Clarke even did the rap part, when they covered Blondie's Rapture, which blew the crowd away because Vince is famous for his impassive stage presence.

And overall I did pretty well holding myself together. Of course, as the opening notes of each song rang out, I instantly flashed to a scene of Barney and me somewhere, laughing...dancing...singing.

The crowd was the usual curious mix of Erasure fans, white gay men and Asian women (which I've never understood). Each hit was greeted with a roar of recognition, following by enthusiastic singing along. I bounced a bit, and smiled a lot, and took a few pictures, but overall, it was the most reserved I've ever felt at an Erasure show, including the several I've been to since Barney died.

Then, taking the stage for the encore, Andy Bell appeared naked, save for a silver sequined bikini and two huge blue-feathered fans, with which he coyly covered himself. At that moment, with that vision, I was overwhelmed with sadness. Because, oh my fucking god, Barney would have loved it.

And for the first time last night, I sang along, loudly, smiling, unembarrassed by my wet cheeks.

Thanks, Erasure.

And thanks, Barney.

Ooh sometimes
The truth is harder
Than the pain inside
Ooh sometimes
It's the broken heart
That decides


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Saturday, August 04, 2007

FDNY Pulls Calendar

The New York Fire Department has pulled its 2008 firefighters calendar from sale after revelations appeared on gay blogs that their cover model appeared nude in an episode of Guys Gone Wild. While 22-year old Michael Biserta of Brooklyn Ladder Co. 131 will not be disciplined, since he made the video before joining, an FDNY spokesperson says, "We will no longer be participating in this. There will be no more calendars." The decision will cost their fire safety and recruitment program about $150,000.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Manhattan AIDS Doc Collared

Dr. Ramon Torres, a noted HIV/AIDS researcher and former medical director of NYC's St. Vincent's AIDS Center, was arrested Wednesday for grand larceny and unlawful practice of medicine without a license. Torres is charged with submitting thousands of dollars of fraudulent Medicare claims and for continuing to treat patients after being suspended last year for drug and alcohol abuse. Torres worked for St. Vincent's from 1990-1998, then moved to Beth Israel until 2001, when they suspended him for suspicion of impairment.

Torres has received numerous research grants from many pharamceutical companies, the National Institute of Health, and AMFAR, and is listed as a contributor on TheBody.com, an HIV/AIDS information site. Torres is very well known in Manhattan's gay and medical communities.

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Broadway Friday

-The soundtrack to Hairspray has edged up to #2 on the Billboard Top 200, but Prince's debut at #3 with Planet Earth will likely prevent any time at the top spot for Hairspray.

- Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal have returned to the cast of Rent, reprising the roles they created. Rent is currently the seventh longest running show in Broadway history. A "remixed" version of Rent will debut in London in October, with updated music and references to HIV therapy.

- Claire Danes will make her Broadway debut this fall as Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw's classic, Pygmalion. Tony winner Jefferson Mays will play Henry Higgins.

-The first preview for the Central Park Delacourt Theatre's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream was cancelled after director Daniel Sullivan fell through a trap-door on the stage, breaking four ribs and suffering a collapsed lung.

- Lewis Flinn, who wrote the music for The Little Dog Laughed, has written the music for the upcoming CBS game show The Power Of 10. Flinn says the music for the game show will be similar to that of Little Dog, but with "more tension".

- A never-performed Mark Twain play, Is He Dead?, will debut on Broadway starring Tony winner Norbert Leo Butz. Twain's play was adapted by David Ives and has its world premiere on November 29th.

- Xanadu's show-stealing Mary Testa says that that she was once blacklisted from Broadway for "taking liberties" with Stephen Sondheim's score as Marta in Company. According to Testa, a casting director so loathed her interpretation that he prevented her from working on Broadway for 12 years.

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Village People: The Straight Story

Former Village People frontman and songwriter Victor Willis (seen here during a 2006 drug arrest) is planning a tell-all book about his days with the legendary disco group. Willis, who left the group in 1980, begins his musical comeback attempt on August 31 in Las Vegas, with a worldwide tour to follow the launch of his autobiography in 2008.

Willis, who is straight, left Village People claiming to be upset over the public's misconstruing of his songs like YMCA - which Willis says was written with no homosexual subtext intended. In fact, Willis claims all of the songs he wrote, such as In The Navy and Go West, were meant to be taken with absolutely no gay meaning.

Totally not gay lyrics:

Young man, there's a place you can go.
I said, young man, when you're short on your dough.
You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find
Many ways to have a good time.

Many ways to have a good time, such as "hanging out with all the boys." After all, they have "everything that you need to enjoy." Nope, not gay at all.

Afraid the group was doomed as a gay niche act, Willis quit. After leaving the group (effectively ending their string of hits), Willis refused to perform publicly again and his life spiraled into a 25-year cycle of drug abuse and numerous arrests. In 2005, while a fugitive evading drug charges, he was featured on America's Most Wanted. Despite this, he remains the wealthiest of the original members, thanks to lucrative publishing royalties.

TRIVIA: The first Village People album was recorded using Willis and professional background singers. Producer Jacques Morali then built the Village People group concept around Willis, hiring the other five members for the second album, Macho Man. During this period, Willis was married to The Cosby Show's Phylicia Rashad, who was attempting a disco career of her own.

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Rights Rally At UN: Noon Today

Human rights activists will gather at the UN's Dag Hammerskjold Plaza at noon today, marching through the plaza and laying a wreath at the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial. LGBT activists including Brendan Fay and Gilbert Baker are calling on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, to ensure the rights of LGBT persons are a “priority during the upcoming session.”

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Morning View - Stonewall Inn

The historic Stonewall reopened a few months ago, after closing last summer.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

HomoQuotable - Matt Foreman

"The Democratic candidates for president, as a group and individually, express more support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues and legislative and policy initiatives to improve our lives than any prior set of presidential candidates in the history of American politics. These new standards of support for LGBT people are worthy of our applause, our appreciation and our accolades.

Still, no major Democratic candidate has made the kind of sweeping statement of inclusion as did Gov. Bill Clinton in 1992, when he declared to a huge crowd of LGBT people in Los Angeles, “I have a vision for America and you are part of it.” His words brought tears to the eyes of the audience and rang out across the United States. Even the most skeptical of us in the LGBT community knew that we heard something previously unspoken by any major political figure.

We also know and painfully remember that Clinton’s vision of America did not translate into much of anything positive for us at the federal level. We can recount our bitter disappointments during Clinton’s time in the White House: the crash and burn of the effort to rescind the Department of Defense policy of discharging gay and lesbian service members, the secret late-night signing of the Defense of Marriage Act, and an ushering in of abstinence-only sexuality education in the public schools. Clinton couldn’t or wouldn’t deliver on the specifics, but at least he held us in his larger vision of a healthy society.

Since 1980, we have suffered the gross indignities of defamations and slanders from a ravenous and rapacious right-wing anti-gay movement, a veritable industry churning out anti-LGBT propaganda at every turn. We endured the AIDS epidemic and the Reagan administration’s cruel indifference while our people fell to illness and then to death. We saw the U.S. Supreme Court uphold state laws that branded us criminals for our sexuality. We have been clubbed by an onslaught of ballot questions that put our lives up to popular vote. Time and again, we’ve been thrown under the political bus by politicians either in the White House or those who want to get there.

All of this misery has been exacerbated exponentially by the spinelessness or unwillingness of all but a few national leaders to take a stand for us and denounce the animus unleashed on us. Many of our “friends” have simply looked the other way.

We bear our scars and yet remain unbowed. But, we are still waiting for the country’s political leadership to defend our right to live and thrive as a matter of principle, not parse our dreams as a matter of misguided political calculation.

This far into the 2008 race, things don’t look all that good. People who think GOP candidates are backing away from using us to inflame and divide are simply wrong. Republican rhetoric is peppered with code that thinly disguises — and affirms — anti-LGBT sentiment with references to safeguarding the family, the sanctity of marriage, the foundation of civilization. For example, Mitt Romney said in Derry, N.H., “The source of America’s strength is the American people…family oriented American people.” And, John McCain on his official Web site: “The family represents the foundation of Western Civilization and civil society and John McCain believes the institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman.” Let’s be clear: Romney and McCain do not include our families when they speak of “the family.” The Web sites of other Republicans, except for Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani’s, explicitly reject full and equal recognition of our relationships.

But, what of the Democrats? Sadly, mostly silence. You can find our issues explicitly referenced on only three candidates’ sites (Kucinich, Richardson and Gravel). Frontrunners Clinton, Obama and Edwards carefully parse their support of our people into specific reforms. We find no evidence that the Democratic frontrunners counter Republicans’ anti-LGBT speech with routine and positive inclusion of LGBT people in their visions for a whole and healthy society.

It’s déjà vu all over again — the GOP often slyly and sometimes audaciously whips us for political gain. The Democrats include us — sorta — but only in response to a direct question and typically in the language of careful legislative reform.

This must change, starting now, because at this moment in history, reforms are both important and insufficient.

We deserve and we must demand from the Democratic 2008 presidential candidates the simple and straightforward statement that our humanity requires full respect and fair treatment by all and, further, an equally simple and straightforward condemnation of those who seek to use our lives for political gain. This needs be said in front of all audiences — not just in front of us.

We need leadership. We need strength of vision. And we need to know that the promises of reform come from the candidates' understanding of LGBT people as inseparable from the national community in which we live. There can be no more equivocating or silence about the goodness of our personhood, our families, our relationships. Period." - Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.

NOTE: I don't often post the entire text of speeches, but this one is too damn important and too fucking right on not to. Matt Foreman consistently says exactly what needs to be said and we are damn lucky to have him.

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9 Alarm Fire

I got an email late last night advising me that the NYFD cover model featured three posts below is the star of a rather legendary episode of Guys Gone Wild, in which he wraps his hose around his wrist. Porn For Patric (NSFW) has the video in case you know any gay homosexual men who also like hung fireman porn. They are rare, I know.

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Open Thread Thursday

Career. Family. Relationship.

Are you pretty much where you thought you'd be five years ago? Ten years ago? Would the person you were ten years ago recognize the person you are now?