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Dan Savage Goes Off On Mary Cheney

Dan Savage went ballistic on Mary Cheney last night on Bill Maher's Real Time.
While Liz Cheney faces an uphill climb in her bid for a senatorial seat in Wyoming, Savage said, Mary Cheney still had a history of supporting not just her father during his tenure as vice president, but 2012 Republican presidential Mitt Romney. Savage repeatedly mentioned that Mary Cheney both voted for Romney and donated $2,500 to his campaign. “Unlike her sister, Liz, who’s saying ‘it’s a state issue,’ Romney wanted to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage in every state, even overturning gay marriages in states where it had already been legalized,” Savage said. “Romney was 1,000 times worse than Liz, and Mary wrote that fucker a check.”
There's also a rather delicious attack on "kiddie-fucking Catholic priests." You'll enjoy this. 

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