Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sarah Palin Praises Bristol For Defending Her Family At Infamous Drunken Brawl

"I love my Bristol! My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you'll ever meet. I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids' defense of family makes my heart soar! As you can imagine, they and my extended family have experienced so many things (liberal media-driven) that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith, and I'm thankful for our friends' prayer shield that surrounds them, allowing faith to remain their anchor. Thank you, prayer warriors! I love you!" - Sarah Palin, in a Facebook post apparently made in reference to reports that Bristol rained multiple punches down on the face of a man at that now legendary brawl. The Facebook post includes a photo of Bristol shooting a rifle.

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SF Might Distribute Free Truvada

San Francisco might become the world's first city to distribute free Truvada as a daily HIV preventive. Via Huffington Post:
Supervisor David Campos announced plans to make PrEP cheap or free for residents in statements on his Facebook. “This coming Tuesday, I will introduce a measure to allocate funds for navigators to educate patients about PrEP, and provide subsidies to San Franciscans who cannot afford the life saving medication,” he said Thursday, a day after suggesting San Francisco can set a national example: “By making PrEP available to all regardless of income, we could set the tone for the rest of the country in how to effectively eradicate a disease that claimed the lives of so many of our loved ones.” At the rally on Thursday, [Supervisor Scott] Wiener emphasized how prevalent HIV remains, pointing to statistics that show there are 400 new HIV infections a year in San Francisco, 50,000 nationwide and more than 2 million around the world. “I'm sick of meeting people 18, 19, 20, 21 years old who are [HIV] positive. We know that this is not necessary,” he said. “I think a lot of times, especially in the mainstream, there’s this view that somehow HIV is over, that the epidemic is somehow resolved, that everything is okay, and we know that that’s not true."
Most major HIV/AIDS organizations have endorsed the use of Truvada but all caution that adherence to the daily regimen is critical to maintaining its preventive function.

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PHILADELPHIA: Activists To Rally For Passage Of Hate Crimes Bill

Via Philadelphia Daily News:
More than a week later, the story of two gay men savagely beaten in Center City continues to spread. Yesterday, as police sources said detectives were nearing the end of their investigation, word reached Harrisburg, where state legislators are calling their colleagues to action. "The gay guy in me and the Philly guy in me are pissed," said state Rep. Brian Sims, "but I'm a legislator, and my job is to change policy. If we can do anything to draw enough attention to this to give the hate crime bill some buoyancy, we need to do it."

Sims, a Democrat whose district includes the site of the attack, is organizing a rally Thursday in LOVE Park, at which officials and members of the city's LGBT community will push for change in Pennsylvania's hate-crime law. He's joined in his efforts by state Sen. Larry Farnese - a Democrat whose district serves parts of North Philly, Center City and South Philly - who will hold a news conference inside the Capitol on Tuesday. "It upsets me that it takes something like this, a horrific assault, to cast light on the fact that Pennsylvania is woefully behind in protecting its people," Farnese said last night. "We should not have to hold press conferences on equality in 2014."
Detail on the rally are at Sims' Facebook page.

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Billboards Of The Day

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation took a break a from its battle against Truvada to announce the above billboards over I-95 in downtown Miami.
“This series of billboards aims to fight HIV stigma as well as to provide a beacon of emotional light for those living with HIV who hold deep spiritual beliefs,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “The simple images feature one person – in these new Miami boards, Hydeia Broadbent on one version, and AHF advocate Stone on the other – wearing a red T-shirt that unabashedly identifies them as HIV-positive. Each stands between headline text which makes the billboard read ‘God Loves HIV+ Me’. These messages can offer a reminder of the comfort of faith to a newly diagnosed person in the United States as well as help those who may not be able to readily see the breadth of God’s love understand that no one – especially those living with health conditions – are excluded from it. However they speak to each individual, these powerful messages are sure to inspire thought-provoking dialogue about faith and HIV.”

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TOMORROW: Broadway Flea Market

The 28th Annual Broadway Cares / Equality Fights AIDS flea market returns to Shubert Alley tomorrow.
Among the priceless lots available through this year's Grand Auction are private meet-and-greets with stage-and-screen stars Hugh Jackman and Idina Menzel, opening night VIP tickets to 17 of this season's new Broadway shows, walk-on roles at 13 Broadway shows, tribute packages to Elaine Stritch and Joan Rivers, and much more. From posing for photos with your favorite Broadway stars, to buying that lost cast recording, rare costume sketches or special gift you can't find anywhere else – the Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction promises something for everyone.
Among the many Broadway stars on hand tomorrow will be Tony winners Boyd Gaines, Lena Hall, James Monroe Iglehart, Nikki M. James, Bebe Neuwirth, David Hyde Pierce, Billy Porter, and Alice Ripley. 

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PENNSYLVANIA: Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Wolf Endorses Hate Crimes Bill

"The recent vicious attack perpetrated on two men in Philadelphia is incomprehensible and those responsible should be severely punished. We, as a society and a community, cannot stand for these assaults on our individual freedoms. No one, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation, should ever have to live in fear of walking down the street. William Penn founded Pennsylvania on the basis of fairness and tolerance and, I believe, we must continue to be a place that pays faithful tribute to those good values. I know that all people – regardless of sexual orientation – should be treated equally under the law. As governor, I will work to level the playing field by promoting legislation like House Bill 300 that makes sexual orientation and gender identity and expression a protected class and House Bill 745 that amends Title 18 of the Ethnic Intimidation Act to include sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity. And I will be a vocal advocate for the right of all Pennsylvanians to be treated with dignity and respect. I wish a full and speedy recovery for the two victims, and I hope the people responsible will be brought to justice swiftly." - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf, via press release.

RELATED: According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, Wolf is presently leading GOP incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett by 24 points.

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TRAILER: David Bowie Is

Via the Village Voice:
It’s the kind of forward-thinking experience David Bowie himself might have predicted. Just for one day, on silver screens across the country, a movie about a museum exhibition — featuring the rocker’s groundbreaking albums, outlandish costumes, and clips from his artistic videos — will briefly tantalize the world — and be gone. All in the form of the documentary David Bowie Is, directed by Hamish Hamilton. And the film is, above all, a reminder of Bowie’s artistry, his creativity, his fearlessness. If you’ve forgotten why you loved Ziggy or that eerie experimenter bunking in Berlin, this thrilling bit of cinema will surely lure you back. “I wasn’t the biggest Bowie fan in the world,” says Hamilton, a refreshingly straightforward director best known for TV work like The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “I was drawn to the project because of the music. And the strangeness of the request. Since the filming was of a live event” — last summer’s exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London — “they were looking for somebody who could do live. That’s me. I was sort of a conduit between David’s creativity and the genuine passion, knowledge, and care of the curators.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

NFL Domestic Violence Presser Disrupted

Via Mediaite:
The Roger Goodell NFL press conference was humming along without incident when all of a sudden a man started shouting as security removed him from the room. “Don’t take me to an elevator!” the man yelled, in an obvious reference to Ray Rice. Reporters on the scene and watching from elsewhere are confirming that the man hauled out of the press conference was Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern radio show.
Beyond bizarre.

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Media Matters: Right Wing Rodeo

"The week's worst in conservative media." This week: Rush Limbaugh says when women say no to sex, sometimes they mean yes.  Sean Hannity says the government will make it illegal to teach kids that being gay is wrong. Greg Gutfeld rails against Media Matters for calling him out on Benghazi.

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PBR Sold To Russian Company

Iconic Milwaukee-based blue collar and hipster favorite Pabst Blue Ribbon has been sold for $700M to a company based in Russia.
The buyer is Oasis Beverages, a Russian brewer and beverages distributor. Backing Oasis is TSG Consumer Partners, an American private equity firm focused on consumer goods, which will take a minority stake. “Pabst Blue Ribbon is the quintessential American brand – it represents individualism, egalitarianism and freedom of expression – all the things that make this country great,” Eugene Kashper, the chairman of Oasis Beverages, said in a statement.  Pabst has been owned by Dean Metropoulos, the consumer products magnate who recently took over the Twinkie line of products from Hostess Brands with private equity firm Apollo. Mr. Metropoulos acquired Pabst in 2010 for about $250 million, and the sale to Oasis and TSG will be a healthy return on his investment.
Pabst Brewing was founded 170 years ago. Included in the sale are its brands Lone Star, Stroh's, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, and Colt 45.

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RUSSIA: Thugs Sicken Crowd With Gas At St. Petersburg Queer Culture Festival

Accompanied by local lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, anti-gay thugs from the Russian Orthodox Church swarmed yesterday's opening of the  St. Petersburg QueerFest where 16 attendees were reportedly hospitalized after an unknown gas was released.

Via Radio Free Europe:
St. Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, his aide Anatoly Artyukh, and activists who associate themselves with the Russian Orthodox faith interrupted the opening ceremony of the "KviroFest-2014" event at a cafe on September 18. The visitors splashed an indelible green antiseptic on participants and released an unidentified gas that sickened many. The 10-day festival opened despite the attack. Russia decriminalized homosexual relations after the 1991 Soviet collapse, but such harassment is common. Rights defenders and Western governments including the United States say a 2013 law banning the dissemination of gay "propaganda" to minors is discriminatory and encourages ill-treatment of LGBT people.
More from Gay Star News:
LGBTI organization Coming Out St Petersburg, as well as 40 other volunteers, had worked tirelesly for five months to ensure the arts event was a success. But an hour and a half before the opening, Polina Andrianova told Gay Star News they were forced to move to a different venue. She alleged the owner of the building had forced the space to break the contract, and the Coming Out group had to change the venue, installations, sound equipment and direct all the guests to another space. But the anti-gay thugs found them. "There were 20 aggressors, and the security guys that we hired blocked them from entering,' Andrianova told GSN. "They proceeded to spray the doors - two entrances - with this horrific green stuff. They also sprayed some form of gas - it left a really bad, putrid scent. Today we learned 16 people were hospitalized today from breathing this thing in." Andrianova believes Milonov may have left immediately before the lawbreaking began. But she says the deputy of St Petersburg comes to all of their events, any street rally, to try and shut them down. "He seems to enjoy the PR."
GLAAD has more and photos of the event prior to the melee.
Vitaly Milonov and fellow anti-LGBT activists, who proceeded to insult and push guests, representatives of human rights organizations and European and the US diplomatic missions in St. Petersburg spoke of the importance of respect for human rights and non-violence. About 20 hooligans sprayed guests with green substance and some sort of putrid gas. At one point, two foreign guests were being pulled into the venue by the security while being pulled out by their feet by the perpetrators. The police, who carried themselves professionally, were taking numerous statements by the victims, while St. Petersburg ombudsman urged more people to document violations. Unfortunately, the second venue also ceded to pressures, and most events are now homeless. But the organizers remain optimistic.

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Rodney Howard-Brown: Obama Is Building Gas Chambers & Concentration Camps

Brian Tashman writes at Right Wing Watch:
Televangelist Rodney Howard-Browne — who just two months ago led a Religious Right gathering featuring several GOP congressmen — claimed yesterday that the United States government is currently building concentration camps and gas chambers and preparing to institute martial law. Howard-Browne claimed that the U.S. government is now building concentration camps and gas chambers “right before our eyes,” including one gas chamber that is currently under construction in Kentucky, as a result of a United Nations/Agenda 21 plot to pave the way for a “one world government” and “the rise of the Antichrist.”

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Pat Robertson Has The Air Force Sadz

Pat Robertson is denouncing the Air Force for caving to "one little Jewish radical" and dropping its "so help me God" oath requirement. That Jewish radical, Mikey Weinstein, responds at Friendly Atheist: "Pat Robertson is to human dignity and sanity and integrity and character what dog shit is to a fine French restaurant on the menu." Snork!

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Brothers In Harms

Pastor Martin "Eat Da Poo Poo" Ssempa this morning sent the above jovial shout-out to his stateside comrades in hate. (Via JMG reader Scott)

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Gays Are OK As Long As They Don't Do Anything Gay

Cardinal Timothy Dolan has been the target of withering criticism from Catholics after saying that he'll stay on as the grand marshal of next year's St. Patrick's Day Parade even though the entire celebration is totally going to be ruined by the inclusion of one LGBT group. Dolan responded to his naysayers this week in a lengthy letter published to the website of the Archdiocese of New York. An excerpt:
I haven’t been in this much hot water since I made the comment, right after I arrived as your archbishop five-and-a-half years ago, that Stan Musial—my boyhood hero of my hometown St. Louis Cardinals—was a much better ballplayer than Joe DiMaggio! Now I’m getting as much fiery mail and public criticism over my decision to accept the honor of Grand Marshal of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. According to the critics, I should have refused, due to the Parade Committee’s decision to allow a group of self-identified Gays of Irish ancestry to march in the parade with their own banner. As with Stan Musial, I’ll stand by my decision.

However, enough of you have courteously expressed some confusion and dismay, that, as your pastor, I owe you an explanation. Let me try. For one, the decision to change the parade protocol was not mine. The archbishops of New York have never been “in charge” of the parade. Although my predecessors and I have always enjoyed friendly cooperation with the Parade Committee—and still do—and deeply appreciate the identity of the Parade as a celebration purely of Irish heritage, intimately linked to the Catholic Faith, we’ve never had a say in Parade policy or the choice of the Grand Marshal. Nor did we expect or want one! [snip]

While a handful have been less than charitable in their reactions, I must admit that many of you have rather thoughtful reasons for criticizing the committee’s decision: you observe that the former policy was fair; you worry that this is but another example of a capitulation to an “aggressive Gay agenda,” which still will not appease their demands; and you wonder if this could make people think the Church no longer has a clear teaching on the nature of human sexuality. Thank you for letting me know of such concerns. I share some of them.

However, the most important question I had to ask myself was this: does the new policy violate Catholic faith or morals? If it does, then the Committee has compromised the integrity of the Parade, and I must object and refuse to participate or support it. From my review, it does not. Catholic teaching is clear: “being Gay” is not a sin, nor contrary to God’s revealed morals. Homosexual actions are—as are any sexual relations outside of the lifelong, faithful, loving, lifegiving bond of a man and woman in marriage—a moral teaching grounded in the Bible, reflected in nature, and faithfully taught by the Church.
At least he didn't put gay into scare quotes. Hey, he even capitalized the word. He respects us! As long as we all vow to live an entire lifetime of untouched, unloved, miserable, tortured solitude. It's what Jesus would want. Praise! Glory!

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VIRGINIA: House Approves Resolution To Defend Marriage Ban With Own Lawyers

The Virginia House of Delegates yesterday approved a resolution co-sponsored by loony tunes Rep. Bob Marshall that authorizes the chamber to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban with its own lawyers. Attorney General Mark Herring has refused to the defend the ban and Virginia is among the states due to have its ban reviewed by the Supreme Court at the end of the month.
HR 566 started as a move to allow the branch to hire a lawyer to “represent the House of Delegates to halt any attempt by the Governor to expand the Medicaid program without the explicit approval of the General Assembly.” But in language added in a reprinting of the bill today, a clause was added which would allow the republican dominated house to hire private council to defend the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Specifically, it would allow the Speaker of the House, William J. Howell R-53 to hire counsel to represent the legislative body in state courts and gain the power to remove the AG for his “improper role in challenging Virginia’s marriage laws.” The employed counsel would then be able to “represent the position of the Commonwealth in pending litigation involving the challenge to the constitutionality of Virginia’s marriage laws”
The histrionic resolution contains 19 "whereas" citations.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG:  In February, Marshall filed an amendment that would grant Virginia state legislators the right to claiming standing in marriage lawsuits. In September 2013, Marshall petitioned the US Supreme Court to overturn Virginia's legalization of sodomy. In May 2012, Marshall attempted to block the appointment of an openly gay state judge because the nominee has "an illegal husband." In 2011 Del. Bob Marshall claimed it is a felony for a state office to fly the rainbow flag. Marshall has also called on Virginia to issue its own currency, and has claimed that God punishes women who have abortions by giving them deformed children. After the DADT repeal bill passed, Marshall tried to have gays banned from the Virginia National Guard.

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New Yorkers Line up For iPhone 6

ABC News reports on Twitter that iPhone 6 lines are blocks long at all five Manhattan Apple stores this morning.  Above is the four block-long line at Meatpacking District store, where fans have been camped out for days. Industry watchers estimate that as many as ten million phones will have been sold by Sunday. The first retail sale was made in Australia, but the eager customer's triumphant on-camera unboxing didn't turn out so great. 

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Feds: Married Gays Are Now "Families"

Via the Charlotte Observer:
New census data released Thursday made a simple but substantial change in categorizing same-sex married couples: They now are considered families. In prior years, the U.S. Census Bureau counted such couples as “unmarried partners,” even if they were legally married. But now, starting with the new annual American Community Survey, they are in among the family totals. That picture includes nearly 56 million married-couple households in the nation last year, according to the new estimates. Same-sex couples accounted for a sliver of that total, some 251,695 homes. Same-sex couples who live together but are not married are still counted as “unmarried partners,” the same designation for unmarried opposite-sex couples. The Census Bureau has counted same-sex couples since 1990. The change in handling same-sex married couples followed the June 2013 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act, said Rose Kreider, chief of the Census Bureau’s Fertility and Family Statistics Branch. Gay married couples in states where that practice is legal must receive the same federal benefits that other married couples receive, the court ruled.
The annual version of the census surveys about 3.5 million households.

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ISRAEL: At Jerusalem Pride 2014

Gay Star News reports:
Hundreds of people marched through the Israeli capital yesterday night for Jerusalem Pride despite two delays due to the war in Gaza. Different media reports said 500-2,000 people took part in the 13th edition of the event, although numbers were down on previous years when several thousand people attended. The event is usually held in July but had to be postponed twice because of fighting in the Gaza strip. A large police force escorted the marchers because previous events have been protested by ultra-Orthodox groups, but there were no incidents this year. Jerusalem Pride is smaller and more political than the more exuberant event in Tel Aviv, which was attended by more than 100,000 people in June. Noa Luzzati, an 18-year-old lesbian from the city of Modi’in, told the Jerusalem Post, 'Here people don’t accept gay people as they do in Tel Aviv. 'One of the reasons is that the government is based here and many of the religious people are homophobic. So I don’t feel safe here.'

RELATED: In 2011 and 2012 ultra-Orthodox protesters paraded donkeys near the Jerusalem Pride parade route to denounce the "bestiality" of the event. In earlier years ultra-Orthodox rabbis placed a curse on the parade, calling for its participants to feel "heavenly judgment."

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Streaming: New Holly Johnson Album

The first new album in 15 years from former Frankie Goes To Hollywood frontman Holly Johnson is streaming in full today at the Guardian. I'm really digging it. Ordering details and tour info is here.

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HRC Puts Porno Pete On Notice

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How Does A Pirate Get To Work?

You know what today is.

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BRITAIN: Cameron Promises Devolved Powers For All Nations In United Kingdom

During his triumphant speech early this morning, British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed that "just as the people of Scotland will have more power over their affairs, so it follows that the people of England, Wales, Northern Ireland must have a bigger say over theirs." He continued, "The question of English votes for English laws - the so-called West Lothian question - requires a decisive answer. So just as Scotland will vote separately on their issues of tax, spending and welfare, so too England as well as Wales and Northern Ireland should be able to vote on these issues." Some have worried that the government will be pushed further right without liberal Scottish votes in Parliament.

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Today's Front Pages In Britain

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Final FRC Hate Summit Roster

After yesterday's addition of Sarah Palin, the Family Research Council dropped about a dozen crackpots and deleted their "invited but unconfirmed" names from its Values Voters Summit speakers roster. In addition to the confirmed fuckweasels above, Maggie Gallagher will lead a panel titled "Moral Decline Causes Big Government." Mat Staver will sit on a panel titled "The Assault On Constitutional Rights In A Nanny State." NOM's evil triad of Brian Brown, Frank Schubert, and John Eastman will have a panel all to themselves: "The Future Of Marriage: To The Supreme Court & Beyond."

Frothy Mix, interestingly, will Skype in from Pluto (or wherever his flying saucer may be) to lead a panel on "Reclaiming Blue Collar Conservatives." Heritage Foundation anti-gay wonk Ryan T. Anderson will lead a panel about the "tough questions" on "marriage and religious liberty." (Expect lots of cake talk!)  The most entertaining trio of crackpots promises to be World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah, Janet "Loony Tunes" Porter, and Pastor Rick Scarborough - who will hopefully discuss that class action suit against homosexuality when they talk about "Standing Up To The Assaults On Our Faith"

The list of exhibitors at the Values Voters Summit includes just about every anti-gay and "ex-gay" hate group you've ever heard of, including the World Congress of Families and the Red-Caped Catholic Loons, who presumably will provide the usual bagpipe accompaniment to their Hitler Youthian rants. The NRA will be there to demonstrate proper Uzi usage for grade-schoolers and the Association of Mature American Citizens will be handing out materials denouncing those homofascist commies at the AARP. See the whole list here.

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Jennifer Lopez - Booty

With this track, Nicki Minaj's Anaconda, and half of the other songs on the radio right now, Billboard could launch a chart just for songs about big asses. Butt, what would it be called? At least this video has some mildly lesbionic moments.

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RNC Launches 2016 Straw Poll

The Republican National Committee has launched an online 2016 presidential straw poll in which one can vote for three candidates IF contact details are also provided. Among the 32 choices in the GOP clown car: Sarah Palin, Allen West, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Frothy Mix, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul.

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Senate Approves Arming Syrian Rebels

Via the Associated Press:
In the heat of an election campaign, Congress cleared the way for the U.S. military to train and equip Syrian rebels for a war against Islamic State militants Thursday night, reluctant ratification of a new strategy that President Barack Obama outlined scarcely a week ago. The 78-22 Senate vote sent Obama legislation that also provides funding for the government after the end of the budget year on Sept. 30, eliminating any threat of a shutdown. The House approved the bill on Wednesday. In an appearance at the White House soon after the vote, Obama said he was pleased that a majority of both Republicans and Democrats had supported the legislation. "I believe we're strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together," he said. Noting the killing of two Americans by the Islamic State group, he said that "as Americans we do not give in to fear" and would not be put off by such brutal tactics. In the Senate, 44 Democrats, 33 Republicans and one independent voted for the bill, while nine Democrats, 12 Republicans and one independent opposed it. The issue created new fault lines for this fall's elections for control of the Senate as well as the 2016 race for the White House.
How long until those weapons are used against us?

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Archbishop Of Philadelphia: Don't Beat Up Gays Even If You Disagree With Them

"A key part of a Catholic education is forming students to respect the dignity of every human person whether we agree with them or not. What students do with that formation when they enter the adult world determines their own maturity and dignity, or their lack of it. Violence against anyone, simply because of who they are, is inexcusable and alien to what it means to be a Christian. A recent beating incident in Center City allegedly involved, in some way, a part-time coach at Archbishop Wood High School. After inquiries by school leadership, the coach was contacted regarding the matter and he resigned. Archbishop Wood's handling of the matter was appropriate, and I support their efforts to ensure that Catholic convictions guide the behavior of their whole school community, including their staff."- Archbishop Charles Chaput, in a statement issued last night.

RELATED: Last year Archbishop Chaput ordered all five of his districts to organize buses to transport parishioners to NOM's hate march in Washington DC. He did the same thing this year. Chaput had a terrible case of the sadz when Pennsylvania legalized same-sex marriage.

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